Management Handbook

The book has the ambition to cover this enormously wide field of knowledge contained in the professional role of a manager. Management is defined in terms of lead, control and develop activities either in a company, part of a company or any other organization. The aim is to give an overview for the readers to dig deeper where needed. There are concrete checklists to help the reader.


Effectiveness and Efficiency

These concepts can be labeled the key to all successfull management and is the missing core of business management. The author explains how to apply the concepts to practical work in organizations. Methods such as lean, just in time, kaizen and benchmarking are ways to approach improvements in effectiveness and efficiency.


Capital Management

The book gives an overview of a field that is little known among the general public, however important for all of as savers. This is a contribution to general knowledge so that individuals can make informed decisions.

The Board and Strategy work

This book explains comprehensively and pedagogically what strategy is, how it should be and can be preformed and how the board and managment should ideally interact to succeed with strategy to contribute to the future successful development of the company or organization.

Benchmarking and Benchlearning

The author explains how this methodology can be applied in order to improve performance by comparison with others and learning from them. Benchlearning har been developed to emphazise the learning aspect and not halt at sterile comparisons with key figures that may not even be calibrated to contain the same work, cost and capital content.


Business life Concepts and Models

gives the readers an overview over the field of management that most of the working population gets in touch with. More than 30 % of employees have a management responsibility quite regardless of educational background – be it engineering, biology or medicine. The book defines, explains and exemplifies about 250 concepts within this wide field.


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